Kora Klapp

Kora KlappTrained as a massage- and hydrotherapist, I followed my idealistic purism as a twenty-year-old – into anorexia and an apprenticeship on a patriarchic, strictly non-electric self-sufficient farm. The valuable experiences I made gave me after an almost deadly crisis a zest for life, insight in the impact of traumatic and hypnotic experiences, and mildness in judgment of people.

Further driven by the motor of search for identity, I suffered a severe sports accident. From the following phase of healing and reflection I emerged freed from some deep fears, and open to decisions of my heart.

Such a decision, and spirit of adventure, made me start another career with traditional sailing ships in focus. As a seaman, rigging specialist, navigator and eventually captain, I brought my learnings about handling nature forces to a new level. I honed craftsman skills and the intuition that leads to simple solutions.

Gaff Cutter Lille BjørnAnother decision of the heart was voyaging to, and then settling in the beautiful Åland archipelago. Here various passions could be naturally combined and life themes be worked out. Together with my life companion, I ran a self-sufficient household and organic guest house, featuring my practice in holistic health care. During these years, I educated myself in holistic biological processing and different coaching styles, and took the diploma training as a META-Health(TM) Coach in 2008-2009, a certified hypnotherapist specialized in conversational hypnosis in 2011, and NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer in 2012. Since 2012 I am a META-Health Trainer certified by META-Health International (formerly International META-Medicine Association), and am currently a member of the META-Health Council.

I am a World citizen, keen on understanding mind-body health from the roots and shaping META-healthy life for us as individuals, embedded in our unique environment.