The Master Key to Your Health!

META-Health is a comprehensive model to understand health with it’s keystones and factors on the levels of our mind, emotions and organ functions. All levels are interacting in their own logic. To become aware and make use of this logic leads us towards sustainable successes for our health, vitality and empowerment!

Our human needs, values and perceptions correspond to clearly defined organ functions and tissues representing them. Experiencing distress evokes both general and very specific reactions which can be understood as necessary from their original biological context. As our modern life does not resemble this context anymore, we often can’t relate to what is happening in our body as purpose- and meaningful. Then we perceive ourselves as disconnected from our body, and surrounded by a hostile environment.

“Why me? Why now?”

In the light of biology, the overview over your life conditions, your personal and family history, and your values and goals will let us find the answers to these burning questions – the META-meaning. Because even what we perceive as sickness, is part of a meaningful process – an unconscious adaption to stress, or the regeneration from it. Therefore we can use symptoms we have as hints to better understand and take care of ourselves and our functioning!

This path leads us away from fear of disease – one of the biggest stressors of our time – into a new and calmer awareness; the prerequisite of resilience.

As a certified META-Health Coaches we can help you

META-Health International

  • to decode the message of your symptoms
  • to detect and reframe stress triggers
  • to let go of negative emotions
  • to change unconscious behaviour patterns
  • to boost your vitality and self-healing capacities
  • to find motivation and purpose in your life!

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